Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just one of those days...

You ever have one of those days? It's still light out and this is what my day has been like so far:

-Wake up (way too early) to the sound of a very loud plow truck clearing what sounds to be slush off of the roads...yuck
-Drive to work behind a very big truck who continually splashes my windshield with slush, no matter how far back I get...and of course...snow is clogging my wiper fluid
-While driving to work, wind blows crazily resulting in white out and 0% visibility.
-Hit(as in tap, not slam) breaks so as to slow down, breaks lock and crappy tires send me diagonally into oncoming traffic...get back into lane just in time
-Arrive at work to find that Estella has removed shoes and sock and is refusing to put them back on...forcibly return socks to feet while threatening to make her walk barefoot in the snow if she continues to remove shoes and socks during every car ride
-Call in payroll...get the newest, slowest processor...and at the end realize I've forgotten to total up all hours.
-Beg child to behave, remind her that if she behaves and lets me get my work done, we will go for a play date with her favorite little friend.
-Run 8 reports in order to do week-end duties only to find printer with a message stating "toner life end"
-Make phone call and find out that play date with favorite little friend will not be taking place...never make promises to a 2 year old that you can't keep
-Drive to bank, look at car off the side of the road for one second too long
-Slam breaks (not tap...SLAM), brakes lock and crappy tires skid
-Miss rear ending a cop car, yes COP CAR, by inches and skid into oncoming traffic.
-Get sworn at by woman in car I almost hit head on
-Go to bank to make deposit, turn around to see child grab a glass ball from Christmas tree and yell "Pretty"...temper tantrum ensues after ball is placed back on it's tree
-Finally pull into driveway and get Estella, who has once again removed her shoes and sock, into the house
-While choking on much needed glass of water, open refrigerator to return Brita only to have Parmesan cheese crash to floor and explode
-Have a couple minutes of time before nap, so try to print off directions for newest craft project and find that printer jams on every other page

On a pleasant note, we did make it home safely and Estella is napping...peace!

And that's my day so far! I just had to get it all out and complain so I could get on with my day...

Now for the good stuff! New fabric...sure to brighten any crappy day!
And, a new project:
I know it's a little scary looking now, and it may be a little scary when I'm done, but I decided that Estella needs a doll. I don't have the proper supplies to make a cloth doll, but I wanted to try the technique with what I had first before I spent a bunch of money on supplies. So far, so good...considering I have no idea what I'm doing!

I will try to make my next post less complaints and more fun! Happy (and safe) New Year to you all!

-Dog just barked at nothing and woke child up after only 40 minutes of napping...may have to strangle dog if child does not stop crying and go bakc to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Hang In There
Every human has days like that... almost comical at times. The energy is off here too today. Part of it is post-Holiday and of course mid-winter is never easy.
Your new fabric is a bright spot in all that chaos.
I saw a 21 month old at the post office who looked drawn...her mom let her suck on car keys that fell on the floor 4 or 5 times. Thanks for taking such good care of Estella.

Melanie said...

Yikes, what a morning! I can totally relate.
I am glad you got back home safely!
Looks like you're making a waldorf doll!