Sunday, December 28, 2008

back to life

Well, back to life tomorrow...I guess I have to go back to work someday. But before that, a quick recap of the holidays.

Christmas Eve it snowed and snowed and snowed. We took Estella out for her first ride in her new sled.
She was so bundled up that she could barely move, but she loved it. She even did a face plant in the snow and continued smiling. Leave it to me to produce a winter loving baby!
Christmas Day was really nice and low key. We opened presents at home with Estella and then went to visit my mom. Estella had lots of fun opening her presents and collecting bows. She definitely seemed to be more interested in the unwrapping process than the gifts, but once they were all opened, she made sure to test out all of the new goodies! She received so many nice presents, and has been enjoying them all weekend...thanks everyone! And in case you're wondering, her name book was a big hit! I've randomly caught her sitting and looking through it, playing with the parts...I'm so glad she likes it! Phew!

I'm back in the studios working...see full picture of this little ballerina here.
Everyone keep your fingers crossed that I'll still be able to sell them after February...
Well, I'm off to the Kingdom later in the week for some car repairs so if I don't post by then,


Kristy said...

I love Estella's coat. Very cool!

Melanie said...

I also love Estella's coat! I want one for myself.
The ballerina doll is so cute!