Sunday, January 18, 2009

losing momentum

I finished Estella's kimono last night, and this was the best picture I could do in the dark with a running child:
It's a cute little jacket/shirt, but a bit too small for her. I'll have to enlarge the pattern a bit and try it again, but this one will serve as an around-the-house kind of robe. I also may ditch the second attempt on this one and try a different kimono pattern that I have, we'll see.

I feel as though I've lost a bit of momentum in the crafting department. I feel like maybe the whole CPSIA thing stole my ambition and I'm having a hard time starting up again, so for today, I neatened up the studios and organized my fabric. Let's just say that I have a serious problem! I literally can not fit one more yard of fabric in my cabinet.
Some people buy CDs, some buy shoes or purses, or clothes, or drugs...I buy fabric. It really can be quite therapeutic if you put your mind to it. Basically, I have a problem, and it needs to stop. The husband actually thinks that I have surpassed his vinyl collection quantity with my fabric collection quantity...if that's true, we've got trouble.

I also did a little laundry. The way it works around here is that hot laundry is expected to be deposited on the couch so that Peanut can burrow herself in it until it completely cools. After it has cooled, I'm then allowed to fold it. I'd worry about her getting hair all over the clean laundry, but since she's practically bald, that's not really a concern.
And now, as I'm wasting time blogging, an idea has popped into my head, so I'll go tend to that.


Katy said...

fabric addiction is dangerous, isn't it? I know how you feel. I also know how you feel about the damn new rules. Are we all going to go underground and blackmarket? Prohibition times - but with underground craft fairs instead of bars and clubs? I am glad it's not my livelihood, but it saddens me that something that brings me so much pleasure may have to stop. :(

Melanie said...

I am so jealous of all your fabric! I totally know what you mean about fabric. . .I am the same way (also with yarn). I find myself dreaming of having money, and what fabrics or yarns I'd buy. . sigh.
Estella's kimono looks cute- it looks similar to the pattern I have used where there are not separate sleeves- am I seeing it right?
Is that wool or fleece you used?