Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Estella says "messy", constantly. I guess that one's my fault. We all know I'm a bit OCD, and constantly neatening, stacking, organizing and making lists...and apparently Estella's inherited some of my behaviors...
Not a bad stack for such a little person.

My not too messy, messy table. I currently have lots of WIPs going on, which is interesting since I think in my last post I was talking about how unmotivated I was...oh well, apparently my motivation has returned, and I'm back to feeling like I could benefit from a few more hours in the day.
I also want to say something briefly, on a subject you will probably never hear me mention again. Most of you who know me, know I am the most naive, unpolitical person around, and honestly I'm okay with that...I know, bad, naughty American...

Anyways, I was able to catch Obama's Inauguration speech this afternoon. I have to say that I'm aware enough to know that there are some serious problems in the US right now, and we as Americans have gotten a little sloppy with our lives and our country. I also will not argue or debate anyone on their political choices, nor will I defend my own. But seriously, let's all just agree on one thing, Obama can give one inspirational speech, the kind of speech we as Americans need to hear and believe in. Now all America needs to do is be open enough to let some much needed change occur.

Okay, my once in a lifetime political speech is over, back to my messes!

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Melanie said...

I hear you on Obama's speech! I was very moved today as I listened.
I'm curious what you're working on!