Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dear Santa

I've been getting a bunch of Christmas issues of my favorite magazines and so many of them have staff or famous people write up their Christmas wish lists. So, for lack of better blogging material...
Dear Santa,

I've been (fairly) good this year, and I feel as though I deserve a little something for all the effort...

I would really love this, just because I think it's cute.

I also tend to get really cold, so if you could bring me this, I'll try to keep the heat turned down to where Walter wants me to keep it...burrr! Another way that I could keep warm is by baking, in which case I'll need this (in pistachio green). And just so it's not sitting unused in the summer, I'll need this to go along with it.

I also would love it if you could bring me this. Yeah, I know it seems expensive for what it is, but my current one is a cheapo, and it smells like an electrical fire...also, I have a two year old and one with a cord just won't cut it.

I would also love one of these. It would be so nice to have fresh cilantro and basil all year long...I'll try really hard not to kill it.

And, just to prove I'm still (sort of) a kid at heart...please bring me this or this. Yes, I'm serious, and I don't know why, I just kind of want them.

And finally, if it's not too much trouble and you can find the room in your sleigh, this would make me a believer!

Thanks for your time, Stacey

Okay, so that's my wish list (and no, I'm not actually expecting anyone to buy me these things, I was just wasting time on the Internet, and thought I'd give you all something to look at!).

This was the face (paired with a demonic laugh) that Walter and I were given the other night at dinner when we yelled at Estella not to tease the dog:
We would say, "Don't tease the dog." And she would crack up and yell "tee-tee." which we can only assume meant "tease", then we would say it again and she would crack up again and so on. She found it quite hilarious that we actually expect her to not tease the dog. Poor Peanut...she may never stop shaking!

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Katy said...

but santa was bringing me that fiat 500, so you can't have it too! (have you seen the new ones? Not AS nice, but pretty cute for a new car)