Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sorry for my blogging absence, I've been away. My Grandpa passed away two weeks ago and I went out of town to be with my family. I wanted to share this photo with everyone. Not only is it a great photo of him, but I feel it really represents him...he was a very cool guy!

I have too many great memories of him to even try to share any, but for those of us who knew him, I know we'll all greatly miss him.

I made the trip (down) alone with Estella, our first big trip on our own...she was monstrous and refused to nap. I finally broke down about an hour from our destination and got her some french fries from McDonald's...a rarity in this house! We'll call it a temporary lapse of reason.
I worked briefly from home today, something I'm hoping to do more of soon, and had lots of time to settle in and get back to life. I think I'm going to try to cut back on the time I spend out at work, and substitute it with work from home. Estella and I will both be happier and more at ease because of it, and I suppose Walter will also benefit from our improved moods.

I was able to get back to work on the two girls I've been working on...a sneak peek:
I've also managed to get dinner prepped for tonight...I was rather inspired by the red cabbage I was cutting...it's one of those very cool patterns which nature produces...like wood grain(and many others):
Well, I hope that catches everyone up! I'll try to go back to my (fairly) consistent blogging, but with the holidays fast approaching, don't hold me to it!

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Anonymous said...

You have the true eye of an artist when you can make a cabbage look that good!