Monday, December 1, 2008

check, check and check

I'm feeling very accomplished today...four items checked off of my to do list.

Check...Estella's book is done! See full images here. I'm very pleased with it, but if I ever have to do another one, it will be much less involved...
Check... A custom Fritter order is off to the UK. Check her out here.
Check... I also finally broke down and ordered boxes (and tissue) to ship Fritters in. I now have more boxes than I may ever need, but at least they'll be shipped in style.

Check...I have all of our Christmas cards (except the one's awaiting new addresses) addressed and stamped and ready to go.
I'm also almost entirely done with my Christmas shopping...a couple more little things to get, but otherwise done (be nice...I can hear you all groaning at how disgusting my organizational obsession is). I wanted to be done and wrapped and shipped early enough this year so I could actually enjoy the holidays, and not have to spend them fighting for a parking space, or waiting for an hour at the post office to pay ridiculous amounts to get presents to people on time.

So, all in all, a rather successful couple of days...gaining ground on what was feeling like an insurmountable list of tasks!!

I've also started a couple of new ladies and I'm feeling very excited about them...hopefully I'll have some pics to share soon.

And in Estella news, (cuz I know that's what most of you want to hear about) she's now very into colors. "Green" seems to be the word of the week...oh, that and "crap" which she so charmingly repeated after yours truly. I know, I know...I need to watch my language but let's be honest, it could have been way worse!

She also wants to watch Rudolph a thousand times a day. She refers to Rudolph as a deer, but calls him "NeeNee". I guess I can see how he sort of resembles Peanut, it's gotta be the ginormous ears. I bought Santa Claus is Coming to Town today, just to switch it need to burn out on Christmas movies a month before Christmas...we'll see if it's as big a hit!

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Katy said...

estella's book looks great! and I LOVE Lynn - her coat is needed over here at the minute!