Saturday, September 20, 2008

that's my girl!

She's truly my daughter! Look at that cutie sitting quietly reading a Martha Stewart Good Things for kids could I not be the proudest Mama ever?

Usually when I'm cooking or sewing, Estella takes the unsupervised occasion to pull all of my craft books out and flip through them. I figure it's all of the great colors and images that she's drawn to, but secretly I'm hoping that if she looks at enough craft books, she'll be begging me for craft time someday! Nothin' like startin' 'em young!

Since the couch is done, it's time for a new project:

I've decided that I want to have all different and unique chairs, all painted the same color (to unite them), for our future dining room table. This chair is the first victim of my vision. It's a little grandma but it'll be very funky when I'm done... I've decided on a really deep purple (sroll all the way down to "Hotel Room"'s way at the bottom) for the base color of all of the chairs...yes, Walter okayed the purple. It's really so dark that it's only purple looking in the right light. I also am hoping to find some of this fabric for the seat cover.

We don't actually have a dining room table to put these imaginary different and unique chairs around, but some day we will. I'm being really picky about the table because I have in mind exactly what I want and I don't want to settle for a table I'll end up being unhappy with. So, keeping that in mind, if any of you have a table like this, or this, or this, feel free to send it to Vermont!

Happy Fall on Monday !

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