Monday, August 4, 2008

back from the kingdom

I'm back from the Kingdom and of course I came home with fabric! How could I leave without some yummy wools! And some yummy blueberries! My Mom, Estella and I went (organic) blueberry picking at Blueberry Ridge in North Troy. This picture doesn't do justice to how blue and gorgeous the berries truly were.
Estella treated the bushes like an all-you-can-eat blueberry buffet...she ended up in the Jogger so she wouldn't eat until she made herself sick...but not until we took some cute blueberry picking pics!
Estella and I also spent some time at my Dad and Carol's house, exploring their great gardens. They have so many gorgeous flowers, but my new fave is the Bee Balm. A very cool, almost Gothic looking flower, and it smells like an herb.
Estella had lots of fun smelling all of the flowers, and chasing the cats around.
It was a nice little getaway, and I'm happy to report that I picked up a happy and healthy Peanut on the way home...and she has much fresher breath too!

Nothing much on the crafting front. I'm hoping that inspiration will strike this week so I can dig into my new fabrics. I have lots of other stuff to do though so crafting may have to usual!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Stacey
Love the back shot of Estella and Peanut. What a lot of work! Where did you get the couch in the first place?

We were just with my brothers Peter & Beth and Dick and Lindsay up at their vacation house in Bodega make a long story short...i told them how cute Estella is and said check out this Blog. So, it grows...and thank you for all the time you give to it.