Tuesday, July 29, 2008

stuff n things

The newest batch of Fritters is done and slowly finding their way into my shop.
This is Corainne and her record player...I'm very pleased with her. I think it's the vintage material that I like so much about her and the fact that the record player came out well is also encouraging. Check out all the pics of her here.
My little reader! I shouldn't complain, but she really is obsessed with reading! Luckily she'll spend a good portion of her time looking at books on her own and not just if some one's reading to her.
I love that she loves to look at books, but if I read books to her all day long I'd never get anything done! Good thing for me I have most of them memorized and she'll sit next to me and look at the book while I recite the words.

Well, I'm off the the NEK this weekend. I need to get away for a bit and see some different scenery. I was thinking about it and this really will be the most time I've spent "home" in the last ten years. I don't have any big plans while there, but I'm psyched to drive around to all the old places I used to go to. At least it's a small getaway, and it'll give Walter some time to study for his NCLEX on Tuesday. So, yeah, everyone think happy thoughts for Walti on Tuesday while he's taking his test!

I don't plan to post again before I leave, so Happy Weekend everyone!


Kristy said...

I think you need to make some farmer fritters.

jessie said...

WOW love the fritter but ESPECIALLY love the record player. Now that's impressive :)