Friday, July 25, 2008

$1.82, thank you very much

I went to the ReStore today and got all this cool stuff for $1.82. How could I not be psyched, especially since I felt a little inspired by my purchase...the orangey-red is a piece of wool that's begging to be made into a funky Fritter.

I also couldn't resist the "button pins" ($.10). I've never seen those before...thought they were cool.

I wanted to include Peanut in this post because she so often gets overlooked. Not in a neglectful sort of way but in a posting sort of way. Peanut is going to the "spa" next week for a tummy tuck and tooth whitening, which is to say, she's getting fixed and her teeth cleaned. I'm a bit worried that she may never forgive me for dropping her off and allowing that to happen, but it's probably nothing a new toy couldn't fix (no pun intended).

Estella has a new love.
She's very taken with this keyboard. The best part seems to be that it plays a demo and she gets to dance along. She really is after her daddy's heart with her new keyboard obsession. You can practically see the pride in his face over her love of music!

I've been working on some more alien/bug Fritters. I may even manage a shop update at some point...or maybe not. Time will tell.

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