Saturday, July 19, 2008

the artists and their work

If you can call us artists, that is...

My new desktop artist and her master piece...

Which then moved on to the side table...

And just to prove I'm not a big liar...see, I have been working:

I'm fairly happy with's always interesting to see how a new idea turns out.

Not much else has been going on around here. Walter continues to work all of the time and Estella and I try to entertain ourselves with out spending any money or going anywhere. We (and by "we", I mean "me") are in panic mode over the upcoming heating season. Our estimated winter heating bill is more than twice as much as last year! I guess us three ladies will be loading on the sweaters this winter!! I hate stressing about money, but it just seems to be one of those things that begs you to stress over it...however, it's only July, so I'll try to put the stress aside for another month or so.

On a brighter note, we actually had some family time today...we went to the Stowe Street Art Festival in Waterbury and walked around. Estella got a little painting for her room of a little pink elephant by Jess Graham . It's very cute, and besides, how could we refuse when she wouldn't stop making the elephant noise!? Then we went to the Waitsfield farmers market for lunch and hung out with some friends. We were very much like a normal family...too bad it's so rare! I guess it's all about enjoying the time when you do have it, right?


Doreen said...

I love your's wonderful.

Your little girl looks like a little sweetheart.

Where in Vt are you..I'm from Pawlet.


Anonymous said...

Wow, look at Estella's skills, I know where she gets them from. I love the doll with the orange eye and the flaps in the back, very cute and creative. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Miss you! XOXO Erica