Wednesday, July 16, 2008

wish I had a good excuse

I wish I had a good excuse for my blogging absence...unfortunately it's because we've been sick! And I mean really sick! All three of us managed to get sick last week and it continues to linger this week, however, we are on our way back to healthiness!

Last week before the sickness attacked Walter and Estella, they went for a little hike in the woods...very cute. As I'm typing this, she's looking at the picture yelling, "daddydaddydaddydaddy..." Daddy is her new favorite person...every time she sees anything of his..."daddydaddydaddydaddy..." I guess that's what Daddy's are all about, especially for little girls!

I have found a site that goes quite nicely with my new obsession over Estella's food. I Love Obento is right up my alley and I intend to humiliate my child by packing her healthy, colorful lunches (when she goes to school) but for now I will continue to keep her plates pretty and colorful until she's old enough for a Bento box! At least in the Obento world there are lots of other moms that are equally as obsessed with their children's lunches...I'm in good company.

Walter has already informed me that he will not be asking me to make his lunches for him...especially if they involve shaped rice balls and fruit animals. I tried to convince him that the laptop lunches would be manly enough but I don't think he's going to go for it.

So, if any of you out there live near a Japantown (or maybe a Chinatown)and want to feed my obsession, Bento boxes and accessories would be the coolest present ever!!

As far as other craftiness...I'm trying a new pattern out...I'll post on that as soon as I'm done.

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