Friday, August 15, 2008

an educational field trip

Our new house! Okay, not really, but I can day dream can't I?
This past week, Chase (Walter's mom) was here visiting and we took a day trip to the Shelburne Museum. Of course, out of all of the exhibits, I liked the one modern exhibit the best!

The house above is called the Kalkin House and is partially made of old shipping containers. Very modern and industrial...very cool! Inside the house was a Longoland exhibit that I was very pleased to see. Really strange and slightly creepy but also very inspirational. Of course Estella loved the elephant parade in the circus exhibit. The rest of the pics are here.
Other than the museum, we mostly hung around and got in a couple of games of croquet (which further proved that I don't have an athletic bone in my body). It was really nice to have some company during my normally lonely days, and Estella certainly took advantage of the extra attention.

I don't have any new craftiness to report, I'm in a slump in more ways than one and instead of being creative, I've opted for some blogging and wine drinking on the front porch...I may as well enjoy the weather and porch while I can...the wine's just an added bonus.

Maybe I'll have a creative, craft filled weekend, and my next post will be filled with all of my new, amazing work...

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