Saturday, June 21, 2008

hello and goodbye

I figured that I better catch up before I left for the week...

And, I figured I should tell you all the good news...I'm in LOVE...with Spoonflower!
I received my fabric last week and I absolutely love it. It came out so well and I can't wait to do some more fabric related drawing.

My naked baby! Warm weather means naked least in this house. Estella has started to enjoy a good naked romp through the house after bath silly.
My batch of Juans is complete!
They were well received, and I was able to start on some of my new ideas. The first one I tried did not turn out quite how I wanted it to. Oh well, I'll keep working on it and hopefully my vision will shine through at some point. I think that this week was a bad week to start something new anyways.

It's been a busy big bro was up the beginning of the week and we spent a good portion of his visit in the car visiting family. Today Walter graduated the first half of the program! He graduated with High Honors and gave a great speech as the "student speaker". I've also been busy packing for our vacation! I can't wait to get away for a couple of days, and we've decided to leave the laptop at home and ignore all of the work that should be getting done. It's probably the best thing to do...if it's at home I don't have to feel guilty about not doing any work.

So, we're off to the you won't be hearing from me for a week or so. Hopefully when I return I'll be so relaxed and tan that you wouldn't even recognize me if ya saw me!

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