Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dirty dirty dirt dirt

We are the proud new owners of a mountain of dirt! We're that much closer to a lawn!
Let me just tell you, this picture was taken at the beginning of Estella's introduction to the dirt pile. By the time she was done, she was so caked in dirt that I had to change the bath water halfway through her bath! She was having so much fun in the pile that I put aside my anal-retentive-control-freak tendencies and let her really go to town. Peanut also spent some quality time rolling in the dirt. They both were so happy, and had so much fun that I feel they'll be extremely disappointed to go outside and find that the pile's been spread out to make a lawn. A ginormous pile of dirt is way more fun than a lawn, right?

I've been moving forward on the's time to sew them together and turn 'em inside out. All that's left after that are the shirts...which I'm dreading, but they've turned out well so far.

I'm making myself get them done before I let myself start on my new ideas. I feel like if I get started on my ideas, I'll get all excited and ignore the Juans.

So, we're actually taking a little vacation! We went back and forth about not doing it because we really don't have the money but we both really need to get away at least for a couple of days to unwind before the next round of stressful scheduling starts up.

We're going to Maine, to Old Orchard Beach. I figure maybe the boardwalk there will make us feel like we're in San least we'll get to play some mini golf! We also managed to find a hotel with two bedroom suites...which means we may actually get some sleep while we're away. Estella sleeps so poorly when we sleep in the same room, and I'd like to come home from vacation more rested than when I left! I mean, that's the whole point... isn't it?

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