Friday, June 6, 2008

Another rainy day today! Is it ever going to be summer?

Oh well, inside time means crafting time...I haven't been able to start on any of the ideas that I had tumbling around my brain but soon enough. I've been working on my batch of Juans, and they're coming along quite nicely. I've also taken a break to work on a little drawing/design work.

I signed up to be able to test Spoonflower, and finally got my invitation to place an order. I'm going to have two fabrics printed to start with since it's a bit pricey. I'm not sure if having this fabric done interferes with my compacting or not. Craft and art supplies are exempt, as are services, but this may be pushing it a bit. What do you think? Am I cheating?

Really, if I am, I don't care. Any of you readers out there that sew and design, know that this is impossible to pass up. To be able to have something I've drawn be put on a piece of fabric that I can then sew with is like Christmas to my crafting heart!
I've decided to do one "grown up" more serious one...

and then of course a fun Fritter fabric...

I'm excited to see how they turn out! The image that you see is a 5x7 design which will then be tiled when printed. I will of course post pictures as soon as I get the fabric in.

There really isn't much else today to catch up on. Operation de-ghetto-fication has been put on more painting has been done and we still don't have dirt for the lawn... I got some salvaged wood for a project I plan to attempt so hopefully I'll be able to start that soon. Lately it seems to be a lot of big planning without a lot of big doing. Hopefully things will get done as soon as Walter's done with school...only two more weeks!

And of course, an Estella pic for good what point does laughing at your child for their lack of eating skills become cruel? At least for now she thinks I'm laughing with her not at her :)

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