Saturday, May 31, 2008

my monster

Don't let that cute little smile fool you...there's monster in her blood. Estella has learned how to get up on the couch. She finds it to be a fabulous new trick while I find it to be a new source of constant heart palpitations. If I had to guess, I'd say that she thinks the best part of getting up on the couch is to watch me run across the room to catch her as she walks straight off of it. I can definitely thank her for the new gray hairs sprouting daily.

For those of you on computers that can handle a video, check out her animal sounds!
I've finished my Fritter family! I'm happy with how it all came out. Check out all of the pictures here. I'm hoping to have it for sale in the shop within the next day or so.

So, Juan Perez was well received, and I have an order for a couple more. I also have another idea for another Fritter that I'll try to sneak in some time on in between the Juan's. So, between my ideas, the Juan's, normal work and some additional work I've picked up, it look like I have a busy week ahead of me... nothin' new there...I better make the most of tomorrow!

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