Wednesday, May 28, 2008

let there be yellow!

In honor of our newly yellow house, some shots of our yellow dinner from last night. Really, it was just a coincidence, but it did seem to be a yellow kind of day.

Currently only the front of the house is yellow, but it loo
ks so much better that I had to write about it. It's such a major improvement to come home to a cheery yellow house instead of that ghetto pinkish, tan-ish peeling disaster.

As soon as the whole house is done and the grass is planted, I'll post a before and after so you can all marvel at the improvements.

I realize that this is a terrible picture but since this is supposed to be a craft blog, I thought I'd better put up some craft related material. The image is the start of a Fritter family. My mother-in-law, Chase, suggested a family and I loved the idea! Hopefully, this Fritter family will come complete with it's own house carrying bag...we'll see if the motivation sticks around.
Now that I've done my obligatory craft blogging, I get to sneak in yet another Estellla picture. I had to take the photo...every family album seems to have at least one shot of a kid eating spaghetti and why should ours be any different? Look at that could I resist.

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