Thursday, May 22, 2008

rare moments

Some rare moments, and even rarer pictures of Estella with us.

She and Walter spent some time on the computer looking at images and videos of birds. "Birdie", which comes out more like "baadee", is Estella's new favorite word. She points out the window and says it, she even says it in her sleep. She is extremely proud of her new word and takes every opportunity to use it. Sometimes she even uses it when she actually sees a bird!

The other image is of Estella and me before heading off to a birthday party...and no, I didn't plan the matching!

The book that I made the Birthday boy was well received, and almost made the dad cry! I'm glad they liked it, and was so encouraged that I decided to make Estella one. So far only the sketches are in the process but I figure it'll be a Christmas gift so I've got some time.

This week has been a bit more relaxing. The other house is done so Walter was around, and my mad rush for birthday and baby shower gifts is over. I worked a bit more on the sneak peek insects from the last post but haven't finished them. I can't figure out how to attach all of the parts so I took a break, switched gears and made a custom Fritter.This is Juan Perez. You can read all about him on his listing. The person I made him for doesn't know that he's been immortalized as a Fritter but hopefully he'll think he's so cool that he can't help himself and falls in love with him instantly.

Really, that's it for today. I'm looking forward to a nice weathered Memorial Day weekend with lots of yard sales and flea markets... I've gotta get in my pledge allowed shopping somehow! Happy-Long-Weekend to all of you with Monday off! Enjoy!

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