Tuesday, April 15, 2008

letting go

So, I'm starting to realize that the move is advancing and I have to start letting go of all the little things that I love about this house. Don't get me wrong, there are many things in this house that drive me nuts, but there are many things I love.

Pantry, I will miss you and all of your glorious storage space.
I also will miss my tub very much. I've wanted a claw foot tub since I was young and I finally got to have one...for two years. At least I got to enjoy it while I was huge and pregnant! I think the hardest part of moving really is letting go.
As you can imagine, this is a typical scene these days. Estella has been pretty tolerant of the move and renovation. She's found new and dangerous things to stick in her mouth and climb up on, but she's really been good about the thing. I'd say we're about 35% moved. My dad came today and put in all of our new windows -YEAH!- so now we will start moving for real...enough of this transitional phase.
Katy from imagingermonkey received my part of the swap today so I can post about it...this is Maya. She has a sweet little lined wrap dress with a sash that ties in the back. I really like her and she's super cute in person. She's now chilling in the UK with some plush lovers!

That should catch everyone up for now...I'm off to watch some bad TV and go to bed!

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