Friday, April 11, 2008

swap, goin' green and aahhhh...

I received my swap in the mail today! Katy of imagingermonkey sent me Mindy, and I love her! And, she sent me a little extra present of some sweet fabrics. Her dolls caught my eye on etsy because they were so super cute. Now that I have one in person, I see that they are in fact, super-duper cute! The whole package came wrapped so nicely with an adorable ribbon, tag and pin! I must say that the whole thing really made my day...thanks Katy! I owe her a little something extra for such a great package. I'll send her a surprise when she least expects it. "I always say the best kind of prize is a surprise" Anyone get the quote? Anyone? Anyone?

So, I've gone green! Okay, not really, but I can pretend. Really, I've gone organic. I thought I would do some organic Fritters to bring around to some of the local shops to see if they would carry them. We'll see...
I'm sort of on the whole "green" thing lately. Realistically, my life is FAR from green but I would like to start making baby steps towards making my life a bit more low impact. Kri has inspired me to seriously think about a clothesline. If she can do it with three kids, I don't have a very good excuse for not doing it with one! We are also planning to build a guest room/studio space this summer and are investigating making it off grid. Having it off-grid is obviously not necessary but considering where the world could be headed, it seems like a good idea. I ordered the plans for the dwelling today, and of course I'll keep everyone updated on the progress.

This is what happens when Estella and Dad do the laundry. Check out that static!
And finally, everyone please join me in one collective sigh of relief...Aaaaaahhhhhhhh. We have renters! That is a HUGE weight off my shoulders, and Walter and I both really liked them. I guess that makes it official - WE NEED TO GET MOVING!

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