Saturday, March 15, 2008

naughty, naughty

I have been a naughty blogger. Every time I actually manage to post a blog, I swear to myself that I'll be better about posting more often, and of course I'm not. I really do need to try to be a little better about keeping up with it.
I had to post this picture of my little pouter... she was not thrilled by her Birthday outfit. I thought it was the cutest thing ever, but she didn't seem to share my enthusiasm. The shirt and wrap dress are by tea, and of course I tortured her with some tights too. She looked really sweet...and like a girl too! She didn't get called a boy once! My tags have arrived! They are so nice, very professionally done. I'm really happy with them which is good because they took FOREVER. Now all I need to do is make 350 items to attach those lovely tags to!
I do have a gift/project in the works. I don't have a picture...daylight is long gone and the flash was destroying the detail...maybe when it's done. Other than said gift project, I have mostly been sketching and planning some new Fritters. I'm hoping to start on some new items tomorrow or Monday, time willing.
Boring blog tonight...sorry. I am beginning to feel those winter blahs...I just can't seem to motivate or get the ol' energy level up. I think the best way to cure that is to send me off to a tropical spa where someone will massage me and wait on me and let me soak in the sun. Anyone want to send me? Anyone? It may be the only way to get an interesting blog out of me... Anyone?

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