Thursday, June 18, 2009

stuff(ed) & things

Yeah, that's right...I'm famous! Okay, maybe not famous, but I am in print!

I didn't know that one of my creatures was chosen to be in the most recent issue of Stuffed. I sent in to be considered, but I didn't know until I received my free copy in the mail...a very nice surprise!
I don't think that this issue is out for sale yet, but when it is you should all check it out...a magazine devoted to Plush-geeks like myself. What could be better?

I've heard of birds in sand dollars, but I'd never seen it myself...broken sand dollar birds brought to you by Estella...
Really very least if you break something as pretty as a sand dollar, you get something else equally as interesting. I looked it up...apparently they're supposed to be doves.

I'm working a bit here and there. I took this morning to do some major cleaning and rearranging upstairs but maybe I'll get some sewing in later. If I'm totally honest, I was cleaning to cover up my procrastination, but who's counting? I'll work when the mood strikes me...
I'm happy to report a successful loaf of bread! My first three loaves were bread disguised as bricks, but I took my time on the fourth one and paid close attention to the dough and I actually managed a normal loaf of bread...there's hope for me as a baker yet! Thanks for all of the tips!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You are published! Does this mean you are now in the big leagues?!

Whosies said...

congrats on the publishment. lucky you!!! i will be reading it of course... i belong to the geek crew myself. :)