Tuesday, June 23, 2009

dreary days

It's June in Vermont and I find myself wondering when summer plans on coming this way...the days have been dreary here...very windy too, and though we've been able to be outside most days, it's not sunny and warm like I wish it was...oh well, I live in Vermont and moody weather is to be expected. Vermont's lucky it's so pretty...that's all I have to say!

We went on a little outing this weekend to the Quechee Balloon Festival. It was the Festival's 30th year and I may (?) have been at the first one. I grew up quite literally across the street from the Festival and have fond memories of the event. I was disappointed to find that it wasn't nearly as great as I'd remembered. I have memories of tons of balloons laid out on the ground and watching the people blow them up, watching them take off...just lots of general fun.

The only balloon we saw was the above one that was old and dirty...but it was blown up with huge fans and Estella got to run around inside of it. We weren't there for any of the launch times so I suppose that's why we didn't see any balloons but really the whole event felt more like a craft fair with carnival food vendors. Considering that we don't really eat fried-meaty-carnival foods, we couldn't even enjoy that...luckily, The Skinny Pancake had a stand there so we got to eat some good, yummy food...and of course some french fries too!

Estella was able to go on a train ride and a bouncy, blown up slide and we saw some parachuting men...so she was satisfied. I think I was mostly disappointed because I had such great memories of the Festival...I have to wonder, was it really ever that great or is it just my memory of it?

My monster:
This is not the smile of a well behaved little girl sitting nicely at the table enjoying her snack...oh no, no, no...this is the smile I get when I catch the little girl making soupy piles of pretzels soaked in water...but she is cute.

More progress on my current project:
I've actually finished this one since I've taken the photo. Once it's sewn shut, I'll share some more photos. This particular creature is not really my usual style, but it is the direction I've been heading in. It was a ton of hand sewing...definitely many hours of work, but I'm very pleased with the outcome. Sometimes I need to head in a different direction to take a break from what's becoming boring...being bored with your work doesn't exactly breed creativity. Maybe that's why I always have a million projects going at once...

Well, I'm off to narrow down my Amazon Wish List...I have a very long list going and since my counterfeiting skills leave something to be desired, I'll have to narrow it down...not that I can really afford to be buying books right now but I have a little bit of an addiction and it must be fed!


Melanie said...

that is a very adorable picture of Estella! And I am so interested in that project!
Congratulations on being published!

Melanie said...

do you use wool felt?

stacey said...

It is a wool blend felt...only like 20% wool maybe. Have you ever used 100% wool felt? where did you find it? and how is it to work with?

Melanie said...

I love wool felt- it is wonderful to work with. I've gotten it from:
I've never used the blend so I'm not sure how it compares. I've used the cheap poly felt though, and it is much thicker, softer, and more durable.