Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the good, the bad and the ugly

I'll warn you all right now that the "ugly" is the pictures on this post...crappy winter light=bad pictures.

The "bad" is that I have officially given up and closed my studio door. I have incredibly discouraging crafter's block and I am taking a mandatory couple of days off.
I'm hoping that over the next few days, I'll find some inspiration and go back into the studio fully refreshed... Here's to dreaming! I think I'm in such a bad funk that everything I try to make has funk energy attached to it and fails...maybe when my mood improves, so will my creativity...it usually works like that for me.

The "good" is that H&R Block waved their very expensive magical fingers and found us a tax refund! We were almost positive we were going to have to pay in this year with the two rentals and the two businesses, but apparently if you pay your tax preparer enough money to figure out your taxes, you can get money back.

We are very relieved to be getting some unexpected money and will most likely use it towards our Cali trip...which we are trying very hard to figure out arrangements for. Traveling with a kid is a ton of extra planning. You have to worry about things like Pack and Plays and car seats...gone are the days of spontaneity and traveling light!

Tomorrow is the big Birthday, so I'll at least be able to post about that since there won't be any crafty news to share. I still have a few final things to finish on Estella's gift...nothing like waiting 'til the last minute.

She's been practicing brushing her teeth just in case I change my mind and start giving her sweets!
Oh, this is my 100th post!! That's a lot of meaningless babble I've sent out into Cyberspace...hope you've all enjoyed it!


Melanie said...

Oh, I am sorry you have hit a block! You'll get past it. Maybe when spring really hits you'll have new-found energy and ideas.
Happy Birthday to Estella tomorrow! Yay! Two years old is SO old.. .

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday Estella aka Beaner.

Whosies said...

sometimes i think that doing the same thing again and again gets in the way. i quit and then find something else, but then i always go back...because i love them so. they look cute, have a personality and makes others happy. try a few new things. happy birthday to the wee one too.