Tuesday, July 1, 2008

more balance

I've received some positive feedback about Estella's last dinner, so I'm presenting you with today's lunch and dinner.

I guess my meals aren't so bad...she definitely eats better than I do! Oh and yes, it's always the same plate...plain, sectional and unbreakable
Walter in his uniform on his first day of work. Very spiffy, don't you think! He's awaiting his temporary license and then he's all set to start working for real.

Today we had a little family time and built Estella a sandbox!
I saw a sandbox in Domino and really liked the idea. I planned out a slightly smaller one for Estella and she's officially in love. We even put the casters on it so (in the future when we have an amazing deck system like in the magazine) we can push it around. We also added a top so that the neighborhood cats don't treat it like a giant litter box! It really came out well and we're all happy with the project...it did however turn into the most expensive sandbox in history(don't ask!).

I know I've been neglecting the Fritter side of things lately but I'm slowly chugging along. My latest brilliant idea got off to a not so brilliant start but I've pulled it back on track and I'm psyched about the half I've finished...it's a work in progress though so I'm not going to show pics until it's done.

I don't have time tonight but I intend to post soon about our two month compact which is officially over. I'll let you all know how we managed and if we faltered at all. Check back soon!

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