Thursday, March 20, 2008

[insert clever title here]

Just had to start with a picture of the cutie...
And, the project/gift is done! I managed to do the border/binding thing. Considering I had no idea what I was doing, it came out really well...hopefully the little guy will like it.
A detail of the mat with a little wooden car. I didn't make that of course, I bought it from a Vermont woodworker. I have some others and they're too cute! I wish I remembered who the maker was...I would love to get some more. Maybe he'll be at the same craft fair this I have a valid reason for going!And, our little Peanut. I love how she blends in with her fuzzy dog bed! I think she's having some emotional problems lately, she's been so naughty... maybe she knows we're moving. Oh well, she's a chihuahua...she's neurotic by nature.
I've done a bunch of packing and organizing and am currently in the process of trying to rent the house..busy, busy. I am looking forward to it all slowing down soon so I can focus on some Fritters. It drives me nuts to have all of the fabric picked out and the process started and not get to work on them. It makes me feel like I have all of this unfinished business...I know, neurotic - maybe I'm part chihuahua!

And finally, a shot from Estella's new room. I love the orange and white bright and cheery!

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